Litigation is the lawyer’s monopoly. It requires special skills. Strategic insight, persuasiveness, the right tactics at the right time and a winner’s mentality. Once the time has come to litigate, lawyers an enormous arsenal of legal instruments that can be used to achieve the desired result.

At SOLV we have a team of highly experienced litigation lawyers. We invest in keeping our knowledge of procedural law up to date. The knives are always sharpened. Before we start a case, we make sure that we are fully familiar with the subject matter and files and that we have identified all the interests involved. After all, in any dispute, the facts are ultimately decisive.

This is how we ensure that disputes are resolved quickly and adequately.

We have experience in many different types of proceedings: urgent injunction proceedings on infringements of intellectual property rights or on contractual breach of contract, proceedings on the merits on failed automation projects to determine and recover damages and administrative proceedings against government regulators such as the Consumer and Market Authority and the Personal Data Authority.

We have litigated against the Dutch State up to the Supreme Court in order to bring about changes in the law.

In addition, SOLV’s lawyers have unique knowledge and experience in seizures, particularly (digital) evidence seizures. In a large number of complex situations we have been able, in close cooperation with our bailiffs and IT experts, to secure the evidence our clients needed to build their cases.

Finally, SOLV is committed to conducting important public interest cases on a pro bono basis, such as the case against risk profiling system SyRI.

Our services

  • Procedures on contractual non-performance and information obligations
  • Procedures for establishing and recovering damages
  • Procedures on failed IT-projects
  • Proceedings on infringements of intellectual property rights
  • Administrative proceedings against supervisory authorities
  • Summary proceedings, proceedings on the merits and appeals
  • Preparation and execution of (digital) evidence seizures
  • Conservatory and executive seizures


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