IT law

The proper functioning of IT systems is critical for many organisations. So they do not want to leave anything to chance in software development projects. Therefore, smart, tailor-made contracts are necessary, which include arrangements to untangle deadlock situations before discussions escalate into lawsuits.

Experience shows however that problems in IT processes relatively often lead to litigation.

If something goes wrong with IT systems after they have been developed and implemented, this usually has major consequences for business operations, resulting in damages due to business stagnation and sometimes liability towards third parties such as customers. When security systems become vulnerable, there is a risk of data breaches and theft of trade secrets or intellectual property.

On the other hand, IT systems are often so complex and technological developments are moving rapidly that suppliers cannot guarantee that systems are 100% available and do not contain any vulnerabilities.

Just as IT affects all facets of our society today, IT law covers many more disciplines.

For example, IT law touches on intellectual property, since the software in many IT systems is protected by copyright. But IT law is also about online contracting, digital signatures, cybersecurity, and a wide range of other subjects.

SOLV’s attorneys are top IT specialists from the very beginning. We draw up solid contracts in which the interests of our clients and of the process as a whole are optimally safeguarded. We work for both suppliers and clients and therefore know both sides of the argument.

In the event of conflicts, you can also rely on SOLV’s attorneys with confidence. We will provide a sophisticated litigation strategy for maximum result.

Our services

  • Litigating cases on failed automation projects and other IT disputes
  • Advising and contracting on outsourcing and cloud sourcing
  • Drafting and negotiating IT contracts, such as development agreements, SLAs, license agreements, SaaS and cloud contracts.
  • Litigating arbitration proceedings
  • Advice on IT procurement


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