van Kerkvoorden

Attorney-at-law / Partner

Wanda is one of SOLV’s founding partners. As one of the first generation IT lawyers in The Netherlands, she combines her love for technology with her love for the law. Besides her law practice, Wanda is an entrepreneur and also holds positions as a professional supervisory board member (for instance as former member of the supervisory board of pension administrator PGGM N.V. and currently as chairman of the supervisory board of public broadcasting organisation BNNVARA). She integrates her sense for boardroom dynamics in advising corporates and other big organisations.

Wanda is specialised in IT law, more specifically software compliance, licensing and out- and cloudsourcing. Her colleagues value her as one of the leading ladies in the field of IT law and her clients praise her for being both sharp and pragmatic.


2019: arbitration regarding a failed IT implementation project

2015: cloudsourcing of a retail distribution center

2010- 2018: advising international software vendors regarding software deals and software compliance