Cybersecurity is about protection against attacks on all kinds of IT systems, such as servers, routers, but also mobile devices or even (connected) cars.

Anyone who conducts business with such devices bears responsibility for their security. In some cases, cyber security is regulated by law. This is the case, for example, when personal data is processed with these devices. Legislation in the area of privacy then requires that the data are sufficiently protected.

In other cases, it is mainly in the interest of the owner himself. The devices often contain valuable trade secrets and information protected by copyright. Not only hackers, but also so-called state actors have proven in the past that they have the means to make use of vulnerabilities in these systems.

We advise our clients on the legal aspects of cyber security. If necessary, we call in experts to help with the technical side.

Our services

  • Advise on data security breaches, hacks and ransomware attacks
  • Advising and negotiating contracts on cybersecurity
  • Advising on compliance with cybersecurity regulation