Cookie statement

This Cookie Statement describes the use of cookies when you use the website (the “Website”). The Website is offered to you by SOLV B.V. (“SOLV” or “we”, “our”, “ours”).

This Cookie Statement may be amended from time to time, for example if we decide to use other cookies or if regulations change. We will inform you of any substantial changes.

For more information on how we may process your personal data, please read our Privacy Statement.

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small (text) files that your computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device (hereinafter: “device”) stores when you use the Website. By using cookies, your device can be recognised. This enables us to measure how our Website is being used and helps us to make improvements. The use of cookies is safe: a cookie cannot start programs or spread viruses. 

Cookies have a certain period of validity, starting from the moment they are placed on a device. Some of the cookies we place are valid for the duration of a session. This means that cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your browser. There are also cookies that remain valid for a longer period of time, so that they can also be read on your next visit to the Website.

2. Cookies on our Website

Through our Website, various types of cookies are placed. We may use functional cookies to display our website and to recognize your language and cookie settings. Furthermore, we use analytical cookies and marketing cookies.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies record how visitors use the Website. These cookies enable us to analyse the use of the Website and to generate (anonymous) user statistics and reports. 

We use the service Google Analytics from Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics places a cookie on your device which records your use of the Website. The collected information consists of your IP address (number of your computer that allows your computer to be recognised), the type of browser, the computer system you use, and the pages you visit on the website. This data is then analysed by Google and the results are transmitted to us. This way, we gain insight into the traffic to and from the Website and the way in which the Website is used. databased on this information we can make adjustments to the Website or our services. The analytical cookies we use are set out in the table below:

_gaRegistering unique users to provide insight into how the Website is used2 years
_gatDistinguish individual users and sessions1 day
_gidGenerating a unique user ID to compile website statistics on the use of the Website1 day

We have set the cookies of Google Analytics in such a way that they do not have a major impact on your privacy. We have taken the following measures in this respect:

  • SOLV has concluded a data processing agreement with Google in which arrangements are made on the handling of the data that is collected. Based on this agreement, Google is not allowed to use the information obtained for other Google services. 
  • SOLV has deleted the last octet of your IP address. IP addresses consist of 4 so-called 3-digit octets each. Google offers the possibility of deleting the last octet of the IP address of website visitors. This is done in a temporary file before the IP address is stored by Google.
  • SOLV has set the settings in Google Analytics to not share data with Google, so that Google cannot use the data for its own (advertising) purposes.
  • SOLV does not use Google Analytics in combination with other Google services. 

For more information about the Google Analytics cookies, click here. Google also offers you the possibility to unsubscribe from data collection within the framework of Google Analytics by means of the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Click here to make use of this option. Click here for more general information about how Google uses cookies.

Marketing and advertisement cookies

We carry out marketing campaigns via LinkedIn. In that context, we may use LinkedIn Insight tags on the Website to monitor traffic to our Website from LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Insight-tag is a (light) JavaScript code that is placed on our Website to create a campaign report that provides insights about our Website visitors. We may use the LinkedIn Insight tag to measure the effect and return of investment or marketing efforts (ROI) of our LinkedIn campaigns, including clicks, conversions and more. Learn more about the LinkedIn Insight Tag here. In the LinkedIn Privacy Statement you can read what LinkedIn does with your personal data. 

In the table below we have listed which cookies we can place in the context of the LinkedIn Insight Tag:

Aam_uuidAssigning an unique ID to a Website visitor1 month
Identifier for collecting data of LinkedIn usersSession
BcookieTracking the use of (embedded) services of LinkedIn via the Website2 years
BizoIDMaking statistics from results of LinkedIn ads179 days
BscookieTracking the use of (embedded) services of LinkedIn via the Website2 years
LangDetects the language you use on LinkedIn and/or the WebsiteSession
LiapThis cookie determines LinkedIn functions on the page and passes on the website information via social networks.1 year
LidcTracking the use of (embedded) services of LinkedIn via the WebsiteSession
LisscTracking the use of (embedded) services of LinkedIn via the Website1 year
UserMatchHistoryMaking statistics from results of LinkedIn ads179 days

3. Accept, refuse and delete cookies

We ask for your consent prior to placing marketing cookies as listed above. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please click here. When you would withdraw your consent, we will disable the further use of the LinkedIn Insight Tag. We do not ask you to give your consent for the placement of Google Analytics cookies and any functional and technically necessary cookies. We have a legitimate interest in placing these cookies and placing them does not have a negative impact on your privacy.

If you wish, you can manage the cookies by means of your browser settings. You can adjust your browser settings so that no cookies are stored, you can allow or refuse each cookie, or so that all cookies are deleted when you close your browser. 

4. Contact

Do you have any questions about this Cookie Statement? Then please send an e-mail to Your question will be answered as soon as possible. For general information and/or complaints about cookies, please contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (“Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”).

This Cookie Statement was last amended on 4 November 2020.