Copyright is one of the intellectual property rights. Just like trademark law, design law, trade name law, database law, neighbouring rights and patent law.

Copyright protects works that are original and creative, but the threshold is low. Copyright can rest on music, books, photographs, films and art. But other types of text, image and sound are also eligible. Design and software can also be protected by copyright.

Within the IP portfolio of many organizations, copyright is a valuable asset. Where a trademark makes clear from which company a product originates, copyright often protects the product itself, just like a trade secret. Think for example of publishers, film producers or software developers. They cannot exist without copyright protection.

On the other side of the medal we have users and distributors of copyrighted works, such as broadcasters and streaming services. They must be given access to the repertoire of right holders on reasonable terms.

Then, of course, the creators of the copyright work themselves are indispensable. They must monetise their copyright protected works and, if necessary, enforce their rights so that they remain able to carry out their creative work. Collective rights organisations play an important role in this respect.

Finally, online platforms and other internet intermediaries are being called upon more frequently and more strongly to combat copyright infringements on the internet.

Whatever your organisation’s role, copyright is usually so complex and the interests are so great that the assistance of a specialised lawyer is often necessary.

Since its establishment in 2001, SOLV has been at the forefront of developments in copyright law. Because of the focus on our niche, we are always fully aware of the state of play, both legally, technologically and in the market.

Our services

  • Litigating cases on copyright infringement, both summary proceedings, proceedings on the merits and appeals
  • Preparation and execution of (digital) evidence seizures
  • Corresponding on copyright infringement: cease and desist letters and negotiations
  • Advice on the use of copyrighted works on the Internet and the role of intermediaries in copyright enforcement
  • Combating counterfeit
  • Advice on collective management and rights clearing
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, such as licensing agreements, distribution agreements and deeds of transfer
  • Advice on software copyright and open source


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