Arts & Culture

The art and culture sector is diverse. From small theatre companies and individual artists to museums, international art dealers and auction houses. One thing is certain: there are legal challenges at every level.

We advise clients on matters such as disputes, authenticity and provenance, copyright, neighbouring rights, contracts and liability.

Among other things, we have experience in advising on theatre productions and festivals on commission agreements and permits. We also assist individual performing artists and agents in contract negotiations with venues.

We have been involved in procedures and negotiations concerning the purchase and delivery of works of art and have advised on the provenance of works of art.

Of course, intellectual property rights are an important topic art and culture. Is a work protected by copyright? And when does freedom of expression allow the use of another person’s trademark or copyrighted work in art?

Our services

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, such as purchase agreements, exhibition and brokerage agreements, performance contracts, license agreements, deeds of assignment and cooperation agreements.
  • Conducting proceedings on failed partneships, freedom of expression and infringements of intellectual property rights, including interlocutory proceedings, proceedings on the merits and appeals
  • Litigation about the authenticity of works of art
  • Preparation and execution of (digital) evidence seizures


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