Media, Broadcasting & Entertainment

The denominator Media, Broadcasting and Entertainment now encompasses so many different players, channels and distribution options that it is no longer possible to speak of a single sector. Innovation and digitisation are at the top of everyone’s list of priorities, but resources are not distributed fairly. The big players are steadily expanding their lead.

And where the internet used to be a free marketplace, the regulatory burden is increasing with significant steps. Increasingly complex rules must ensure that everyone gets a chance. It is necessary to know the legal rules inside out.

SOLV’s lawyers are keen to help the challengers, the innovative game changers who unexpectedly take a punch.

The internet has significantly broadened the playing field for parties in the broadcasting, media and entertainment sectors. Traditional players as well as new players are increasingly spreading content multi-channel and via large online platforms. Each channel has its own rules. The content is often closely interwoven with advertising. In order to be able to regulate advertising in the online domain, media law is undergoing the necessary changes. The Dutch Media Authority (Commissariaat voor de Media) can also act online.

For authors, artists and producers, the digital domain also brings new challenges. Classic revenue models are under pressure. Effective enforcement of copyrights against piracy is hampered by the anonymity of uploaders and downloaders. Obtaining identifying data requires a balance of interests in which the privacy of possible infringers still weighs heavily.

Digitization also leads to new possibilities. Television, music and book publishers offer their content on the basis of global online subscriptions. Artists and authors earn money based on numbers of streams and views, and by providing content with advertising.

The shift of the Media, Broadcasting & Entertainment sectors to the digital environment calls for a reconsideration of classic principles of law. The dynamics and versatility of the sector make solid legal expertise essential. As a niche law firm in the field of Technology, Media and Communication, we have that expertise. This enables us to serve our clients optimally.

Our services

  • Advising on international law aspects of media supervision
  • Advice on advertising and sponsorship
  • Advising on the Media Act and the Telecommunications Act
  • Conducting proceedings before the Press Council and Advertising Code Committee
  • Assessing the admissibility of campaigns and publications
  • Advising on the rules for different audiovisual media service providers
  • Conducting proceedings on media regulation, including against the Dutch Media Authority (Commissariaat voor de Media)
  • Conducting proceedings on press publications and freedom of expression
  • Conducting proceedings on portrait rights


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