Internet & E-commerce

The time when you made an online payment in fear and trembling, hoping that you would ever receive your order at all, is behind us. Thanks to strict regulation of e-commerce and online services, everyone can do business online without worries.

This regulation ensures that more or less the same rules apply to every online merchant in Europe. More or less, because the digital market is not finished yet. A good example is the right of withdrawal. This gives consumers the right to return products or services they have ordered online within fourteen days. In addition, every trader is also obliged to clearly state his identity, and unfair provisions in general terms and conditions are prohibited throughout Europe.

The range of regulations governing internet and e-commerce services is enormous. In addition, special rules apply to certain forms of online services, such as online platforms. And they are enforced. ACM can and will impose fines if parties do not behave online.

SOLV’s lawyers have been studying internet regulation since the dotcombubble. They specialise in advising on complex issues that have not been adequately anticipated by the legislator. Legislation is always lagging behind. This is certainly true when it comes to a market that is developing as fast as the Internet and e-commerce.

SOLV advises and litigates on enforcement by regulators, and advises in advance on regulatory compliance.

Our services

  • Drawing up terms of use for webshops and online service providers
  • Advising and litigating on compliance with regard to information obligations and the right of withdrawal
  • Contract negotiations with developers
  • Drafting and reviewing Service Level Agreements


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