van den Winkel

Associate Partner

Yentl van den Winkel is a litigator and is also specialised in M&A transactions. She is part of the corporate team and the litigation team of SOLV. Yentl specialises in corporate law, procedural law including WAMCA cases and IT law, copyright and database rights. She supervises M&A transactions in the digital sector and regularly litigates on issues in the field of technology as well as corporate law issues, among others before for the Enterprise Section of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. Yentl also has a great deal of experience in seizures and access claims.

Yentl is valued for the level of control she has in her cases. She is a thorough, dedicated and reliable lawyer who always goes the extra mile for her clients, also in her advisory practice. She is a valuable advisor and helps clients draft and negotiate commercial contracts, including licence agreements, cooperation agreements and sale and purchase agreements.

Yentl regularly hosts events for students at SOLV’s office. She has also been an active member of the Young Bar Association.


2022: representing a software company in proceedings on the merits before a panel of three judges regarding database infringement with an interest of 160 million euros

2021: supervises multiple M&A transactions for a company in the digital sector

2019: represents a software company in evidence seizures in semi-public organisations due to database infringement

2018: represented a company in proceedings on the merits regarding contractual penalties for breaching a no-contact order for which an enforcement summary judgment was initiated

2017-2018: represents various software companies in proceedings about software piracy in which the release and/or seizure of evidence of illegal software has been ordered

2015-2020: advising on various projects and collaborations in the healthcare sector

2015: negotiated and assisted in both summary proceedings and proceedings on the merits against a software supplier that terminated a cooperation in the context of custom software