Corporate & M&A

SOLV advises on various aspects of corporate law. This varies from setting up corporate governance, advising on company structures and supervising investments and acquisitions. Our clients benefit from a valuable combination of strategic experience and legal expertise.

Corporate law is in SOLV’s DNA. SOLV was founded at the time of the dotcom bubble. Even at that time, many tech companies needed guidance not only in the area of IT, but also on their internal organisation. Our clients were the start-ups of those days, and are the corporates of today.

Characteristic for SOLV’s lawyers is a pragmatic approach with attention not only to the legal, but also to the business economics of being an entrepreneur. We understand that entrepreneurs, investors and directors do not simply need an explanation of what the law says. They are looking for a partner who thinks along with them in solutions, given the legal realities and challenges.

In the M&A practice SOLV aims to make a valuable contribution to the completion of the transaction. This goes beyond the delivery of an agreement. Ultimately, a good balance must be found between the upside of a transaction and the associated risks. SOLV has an eye for the legal, business and strategic considerations in this context.

Particular attention should be paid to SOLV’s expertise in the area of business continuity and, more specifically, IT service continuity and IP protection in bankruptcy situations. Many parties need certainty about the continuity of services of their suppliers. This is particularly the case where the interests are greatest, such as in the fintech sector. Certainly in the cloud and SaaS era, parties must be able to rely on their providers to guarantee service continuity. SOLV has a great deal of experience in setting up continuity structures to avoid the adverse consequences of supplier bankruptcy.

Our services

  • Supervising investments: drafting and reviewing term sheets, investment agreements, negotiating investment conditions
  • Drafting and reviewing shareholder agreements
  • ¬†Assisting with acquisitions and sales processes
  • Due diligence
  • Management buyouts
  • Guidance and litigation in the event of shareholder disputes


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