The retail sector is turbulent. With smart use of data, online consumers can be reached more efficiently than ever. But a wrong choice can also immediately have disastrous consequences. Retail entrepreneurs have to constantly be sharp and have to keep developing.

Meanwhile, the retail sector has to deal with many different legal issues. Corporate law, employment law, property law, tenancy law, franchise law, privacy law, advertising law, trademark law, trade name law and litigation, to name but a few examples.

We can take care of many of the legal issues. For example, we advise on GDPR-compliant use of personal data. Because many retailers obtain customer data through different channels (multichannel or omni-channel), a clear strategy for collecting and using data is required. With our knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Telecommunications Act and our experience in the retail sector, we are ideally placed to provide legal and strategic support for these compliance processes.

All retail parties have an online presence and are therefore dependent on products and services from IT suppliers. We have top legal specialists who deal exclusively with IT law. Because of this focus, we can efficiently and pragmatically assist retail businesses in drafting, assessing and negotiating IT contracts.

In the complex forms of collaboration in which software solutions play an increasingly important role, disputes unfortunately also occur on a regular basis. Our experienced litigators ensure that disputes are resolved in the best possible way, whether through a settlement or a lawsuit.

Our services

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements
  • Drafting privacy statements, cookie statements, EULAs and general terms and conditions
  • Drafting and reviewing Service Level Agreements, processor agreements and collaboration agreements with cloud, IT and software vendors
  • Legal and strategic advice on (online) purchasing processes, User Interfaces (UI) and customer onboarding
  • Supervising and carrying out privacy compliance projects and conducting correspondence with Data Protection Authorities
  • Setting up and advising on loyalty programs
  • Litigation on IT disputes or privacy issues


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