Software is protected by copyright. This protection has made it possible for the software industry in the Netherlands to become the driving force behind a thriving IT sector. More than 54% of the Dutch IT sector consists of software companies.

Both the underlying source code and the look-and-feel of the software may be protected. In that case, the source code or the look-and-feel must be original and creative. These are the conditions set by copyright.

Software is valuable for almost any company. First and foremost are software developers: they are the creative engine behind the IT industry. They are also the rights holders of the software products they make.

A common misunderstanding is that after development the rights to software belong to the client. In principle this is not the case. Only when contractual agreements have been made, do the rights accrue to the client.

Agreements about software development are not always easy. A well thought-out software development contract can be a complex matter. A specialized lawyer is in that case always a valuable investment.

SOLV advises many clients on the subject of software and software development. Whether it concerns an analysis of standard industry conditions or the drafting of a detailed contract for custom software, SOLV has the in-depth knowledge required.

SOLV has a special track record in the field of enforcement action in case of large-scale software infringement. Particularly when interests are high, it is essential to call in a lawyer with specialist knowledge and experience. SOLV has both.

Our services

  • Assisting with enforcement actions against software incompliance or infringement.
  • Advising on and negotiating software development contracts
  • Litigating over failed development projects and other IT disputes


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