The cloud sector consists of a collection of different service providers. Data centres, energy suppliers, and hosting and cloud service providers collectively enable companies to deploy their IT resources in a scalable manner.

Providers of software, platforms and infrastructures as a service make use of the opportunities this offers.

The Dutch cloud sector is booming. Together with Frankfurt, Paris and London, Amsterdam is one of the most important Internet hubs in Europe. That, and the increasing demand for scalable IT infrastructure, makes providers keen to locate their data centres in the Netherlands.

For years SOLV has counted a number of large parties in the cloud sector among its clients. We know the sector inside out and we understand the specific legal challenges it faces.

Our services

  • Advise on and negotiating delivery terms of cloud service providers and SaaS agreements
  • Advise on and negotiating colocation conditions
  • Advise on notice-and-takedown obligations and (digital) evidence seizures
  • Advice on privacy and data protection
  • Advice on insurance and liability
  • Conducting proceedings on breach of contract and liability, including interlocutory proceedings, proceedings on the merits and appeals