Non-profit & Public Interest

Non-profit and interest groups are foundations and associations that represent a specific interest of their supporters. They often have a social purpose. This collective representation of interests must also be described in the articles of association of the foundation or association if they wish to successfully take legal action.

Non-profit and interest groups can bring collective actions to represent the interests of their disadvantaged supporters. The interest group can, for example, negotiate on behalf of its supporters in an attempt to reach a settlement. But it can also conduct collective proceedings, a so-called ‘class action’.

One of the conditions for conducting a class action is that the interest group brings claims that protect similar interests of its supporters, so that the court can give a general ruling. Since 1 January 2020, compensation can be claimed directly in such proceedings.

SOLV represents the interests of non-profit & advocacy organizations in various cases, including representing the Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights (NJCM) and the Privacy First Foundation in the proceedings against the Dutch State on the SyRI risk profiling system and the right to privacy.

SOLV’s specific knowledge of the laws and regulations in the field of collective interest representation and its experience with collective actions for non-profit & interest groups make it a valuable partner.

Our services

  • Conducting proceedings on behalf of the interest group for groups of victims, both summary proceedings, proceedings on the merits and appeals.
  • Advice on the incorporation and governance of an interest group, and the possibilities of representing the collective interest of the victims
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, such as a settlement agreement