Anouck has a passion for information law, in particular for press, media and intellectual property law. She is curious, has great perseverance and likes to come up with creative solutions.

Anouck has completed a master’s degree in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. In her thesis, she focussed on strategic lawsuits against journalists.

She received her bachelor’s degree with distinction from Utrecht Law College in 2020. Anouck has also completed a minor in Health Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She has a broad focus and likes to explore issues that are on the cutting edge of different legal fields.

During her master’s degree, Anouck was part of the Clinic Law Incubator ( Within Clinic, she provided individuals and start-ups with legal, but also practical advice. Next to that, she has extensive experience as an editor of legal news items. Anouck enthusiastically applies her knowledge in practice, working thoroughly and accurately.