Anouck has a passion for information law. She is curious, has great perseverance and enjoys contributing creative solutions.

Anouck completed the master in Information Law at the Institute for Information Law (University of Amsterdam), specializing in privacy, media and intellectual property law. Anouck also completed a minor in Health Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She therefore has a broad knowledge and likes to delve into issues that are at the intersection of different areas of law. Anouck enthusiastically applies her knowledge in practice, working thoroughly and accurately.

Anouck is also a board member of the Association for Media and Communication Law. In this capacity, she organizes study afternoons on various topics within the field of law. She has extensive experience as an editor of legal news items.


2023-present: advises several large corporations on privacy compliance issues

2023: assisted a Dutch lifestyle brand in its defense against trademark infringement

2023: assisted a major Dutch advertising website in a database case

2022-2023: advised a major retailer and several advertising agencies on IP aspects and advertising regulations for various campaigns

2021-present: assists several interest groups in collective mass damages cases against Meta, TikTok and the State of the Netherlands