In recent years there has been exceptional innovation in the mobility sector. Amazing services have been the result and the possibilities seem endless. Shared transport, self-driving cars, innovative transport subscriptions, smart infrastructure and transport services via online platforms or apps.

Technology and mobility cause a number of complex

legal issues. Especially in the area of privacy & data protection there are many challenges. Under what circumstances may users be monitored and what can you do with the resulting data?

Fundamental discussions will have to be held on liability for damages caused by autonomous computer systems. Who is liable for the choices made by a self-driving car or self-navigating ship? The driver or the supplier? European and national legislators are not sitting still. Technological developments are fast paced, but political and policy developments are in the meantime creating a regulatory framework that is constantly evolving.

The provision of mobility services via online platforms or mobile applications requires further knowledge of European law, consumer law and the regulation of online intermediaries. Terms of use must be carefully drafted so that you are not faced with surprises.

In addition, IT law, copyright and database law are generally very important. After all, innovations in mobility must be well protected.

Because of our focus on technology and mobility, we can provide our clients with clear and progressive, tailor-made advice to navigate the hazardous legal landscape.

Our services

  • Advice on the use of personal data and data breaches, and the preparation of documentation required under GDPR
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), licensing agreements, collaboration agreements and processor agreements
  • Advice on the protection of trade secrets, software, trademarks, domain names and design
  • Advising on and litigating damage claims and privacy claims
  • Litigation on non-performance of contracts, automation projects, copyright infringement and database law