The education sector is evolving continuously. Technological changes are having a major impact and the playing field is changing rapidly. The large educational publishers still control a large part of the market. Of course, they can rely on decades of knowledge and experience and have the budgets to innovate.

But more and more small digital educational materials providers are emerging. They are much more agile and can therefore respond more quickly to the wishes of schools and students. They offer products and services that complement established methods, but also products and services to replace them. This creates friction and complex legal challenges.

The distributors market is also changing. Of the two old giants, Iddink has joined Sanoma. The question is whether The Learning Network will survive.

In addition to the battle going on in the learning materials market, schools are fighting their own battle. They have to serve the same number of pupils with fewer and fewer teachers. Technology can help, but also offers many challenges, including legal ones.

At SOLV we have the legal and market knowledge to act quickly and provide practical advice.

We advise our clients in the education sector and in educational publishing on various areas of law, including contracts, the distribution of teaching materials and copyright. We also advise on children’s privacy and personal data. How far may a provider of digital learning materials go in sending personal advertisements? For what purposes can learning results be used? Can images of students be used in a report on YouTube? And can students give permission for this?

We also help with outsourcing and public procurement processes.

Our services

  • Advising on privacy issues with regard to processing of children’s personal data, including on the implementation of the Privacy Covenant
  • Advising on copyright, such as on the educational exception, the quotation  right and image rights
  • Advising and contracting on outsourcing and tenders
  • Drafting, assessing and negotiating contracts, such as licensing agreements, purchasing conditions and cooperation agreements
  • Conducting proceedings on trademark and copyright infringement, including interlocutory proceedings, proceedings on the merits and appeals
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating support agreements for digital learning materials
  • Advising on portrait rights of teachers and children
  • Conducting proceedings on failed cooperations and breach of contract


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