SOLV represents SOMI in class action against TikTok

Published on 8 June 2021 categories , ,

Stichting Onderzoek Marktinformatie (SOMI) has started a collective action against TikTok on behalf of Dutch parents. They fear for the privacy and safety of their children. SOLV is representing SOMI and has summoned TikTok on Wednesday, June 2. We are demanding that TikTok take more and better measures to protect children. We also claim compensation for each of the 1 million Dutch children who have used TikTok. The total claim amount may reach 1.4 billion euros.

SOMI believes that TikTok is negligent in ensuring the safety and privacy of children who use the video app. TikTok collects and stores more data than necessary, does not ask permission in the right way and is not transparent about how the data is used. TikTok also does not adequately protect children from harmful video content in the app.

Read our summons here (Dutch) or here (English).


According to SOMI, the Chinese social media platform is thus acting in violation of both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and European and Dutch consumer and media regulation. It is therefore claiming compensation on behalf of all persons who used the TikTok App after May 25, 2018 and were minors at the time of such use.

As compensation, the foundation claims € 2,000 for each child under 13, € 1,000 for each child aged 13 to 15 and € 500 for each child aged 16 and 17. With the more than 1 million Dutch underage users, this mass claim could amount to more than € 1.4 bln.

Click here for SOMI’s website where parents can register and express their support.



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