Published on 10 September 2020 categories 

SOLV celebrates its 20th anniversary today! The COVID crisis casts a shadow over this year, but we want to reflect for a moment on this milestone.

All these years we have handled exceptional cases and represented amazing clients. We are very proud to say that it is never boring, not even for a moment!

Founded in the year the internet bubble burst, SOLV was the first IP/IT niche firm of the Netherlands. We immediately had a reputation to live up to. In order to do so, we have continued to develop ourselves throughout the years. Never being satisfied, always going the extra mile. Giving everything in each case, while continuing to look forward and stay ahead of developments.

We have guided many Dutch and foreign start-ups to adulthood. We have conducted groundbreaking cases on privacy and online copyright and have welcomed international corporations as regular clients.

We have grown, together with our practice and together with our clients. We are enormously grateful for that.

Society increasingly finds itself in the digital domain in all aspects. More than ever, our vision is that the law should serve this development. With legislation that is flexible enough to allow innovation to flourish and to protect and reward its most valuable drivers.

Where the legislator fails, the courts offer a solution. We remain committed to achieve the change that our clients need, one way or the other.

Law can be made.



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