Our services during the corona crisis

Published on 16 March 2020 categories 

We are closely following the developments related to the coronavirus outbreak. Of course we are taking our responsibility. We will mostly work remotely to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues, clients and relations and to prevent spreading of the virus as much as possible.


It goes without saying that we ensure that our service remains at the same high level as our clients have come to expect from us. Fortunately, SOLV has excellent IT facilities to make this possible. Our teams are constantly in close contact with each other. You can simply contact your usual contact person.


In principle, no client meetings will take place at our offices until 6 April. We will shift to videoconferencing as much as possible. We will contact you if appointments need to be rescheduled.

Legal proceedings

From 17 March to 6 April 2020, courts will be closed, except for urgent cases. If this affects your case, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We are at your service

The current strict measures are necessary but will affect many of our clients. We will continue to work hard for you, also for legal questions specifically related to the corona crisis.

Employment questions

Are you allowed to oblige employees to come to work? What is the situation if your employees can not organise childcare? Please contact Bas Derhaag (06 5336 4132 or derhaag@source.law).

Contractual force majeure

Does the corona crisis count as force majeure? What does that mean for contracts with suppliers or clients? Read our blog or contact Thomas van Essen directly (06 2053 867 or essen@solv.nl).

Privacy in the workplace

Can you ask employees about their health and can you document this? Read our blog here or contact Lora Mourcous (06 1131 3111 or mourcous@solv.nl).

Care & ICT

Much is demanded of organisations in healthcare. We will be giving priority to organisations in the healthcare sector in the coming weeks. Please contact Eva de Vries (06 5538 0537 or vries@solv.nl).


The same applies to organisations in education. If you need legal assistance, we are at your immediate disposal. Please contact Nina Lodder (06 5054 0309 or lodder@solv.nl).



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