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The week of… www.politiq.net

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John Khoury is the founder of Politiq (www.politiq.net) – a social network dedicated to politics. If you’ve ever thought it’s not a good idea to discuss politics on Facebook and that the political discourse on Twitter is ruled by the angry mobs, then Politiq offers a solution.

How does that work?
So, imagine Facebook didn’t do ads and was totally dedicated to politics. No pictures of your feet at the beach, see what I’m saying? We get serious here and we talk politics, we link up with others that are politically interesting. But we also vote on things – politicians and goals, legislation, and social issues. Can we quantify things specially for politics on a slightly deeper level than just “Like” or “Retweet” in order to steer government in the right direction? I obviously believe so. 

Politiq’s MVP is live (so feel free to sign up) and they are currently experimenting with features.

How are things progressing?
Too slow. Trying to stay positive. I want to be honest about life, that it’ll always be a struggle, but I also see the value in lying to myself that I have magic powers. So, it took a while to get here, but good things are on the way. I love the site, and that’s important, now it’s time to show that other people like it too.

Busy Week?
Obviously. Busy is the new normal, but you have to stay focused on effectiveness.

What do you hope to have achieved by Friday?
I’m looking to set up a test session to get a bunch of users on the system and play around with it. What do they like? What is stupid? etc. Let’s get some concrete plans in place and a list of people to test.

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