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Taylor Swift dancing video: Fair use?

Gepubliceerd op 14 juli 2016 categorieën 

One of this year’s students, Charlie, an exchange student from China, created an interesting dancing video. He sent it to me and I asked him if he was ok if I uploaded it to YouTube. He agreed. One of the reasons I did upload the video was that I was interested in how YouTube would deal with fair use.

Within 5 minutes after uploading I received a claim, and the audio was surpressed. I immediatly rebuttted with a fair use argument. I am curious what the lawyers representing Taylor Swift’s reaction will be. If they watch the video they would realize the video does no damage to Taylor whatsoever.

 I expect that I will succeed in getting the audio back on, and if not, I have an interesting copyright experience.

And maybe Charlie gets his spot in the dancing team of Taylor, as he applies for at the end of the video…

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