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Gillette gladder en goedkoper dankzij RFID

Gepubliceerd op 6 januari 2005 categorieën 

Gillette is één van de eerste bedrijven ter wereld die met succes RFID heeft geïmplementeerd in haar distributieketen.

“When Gillette began designing its architecture, the starting points were the business requirements and back-office applications. From there, it worked its way back through an integration layer, the EPC-enabled middleware and finally to the readers and the tags containing the data. The idea was to minimise changes to existing business applications, protect the company from shifts in RFID technology and create layers of abstraction, connected by a series of sophisticated interfaces.

Taking a service-oriented approach, each application would be similar to a Lego block, and the interfaces would be the pegs connecting them. Any one of the building blocks could be removed, and another could be plugged in.

The current edition of Gillette’s architecture has a business application layer consisting of its data warehouse, a warehouse management system from Provia Software Inc. and other applications that will process the data.”

Lees hier hoe ze dat hebben gedaan.

Bron: TechWorld
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