Intellectual property law offers fashion companies, designers, architects and artists protection for their creations. Copyright, design law and trademark law are particularly important. These intellectual property rights protect creativity and market position.

These intellectual property rights give the owner an exclusive position. Only the rights holder may determine who may use his creative work or his trademark. It is impossible to imagine a fashion sector in which this protection does not exist.

The enforcement of this exclusive position is an expertise in its own right. It happens all too often that other parties use counterfeit products to take a share of the success of a competitor. Or use a brand name that is very similar. This can lead to confusion among the public about the origin of a product.

At the same time, the fashion sector relies heavily on marketing. In these digital times it’s all about the online version thereof. Retargeting, affiliate marketing, and profiling are an essential part of the marketing strategy of any large fashion company. However, the law sets strict rules for these forms of online marketing.

SOLV knows the ropes in this area. Our lawyers know where the boundary lies, and how close you can get to it. They go further than just telling you what you can and cannot do. Much more important is an answer to the question: how can we do it in a compliant way?

Our services

  • Conducting procedures on counterfeiting or derivation of designs
  • Preparation and execution of (digital) evidence seizures
  • Providing advice and correspondence on protection of designs
  • Combating counterfeiting, including legal advice and legal measures, including consultation and cooperation with customs authorities
  • Drafting, assessing and negotiating contracts, such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA), licensing agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchise agreements, deeds of transfer, cooperation agreements, R&D agreements.


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