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Becky Roberts heeft voor ZDnet een mooi artikel geschreven over middelen om spam tegen te gaan. Ook zonder geld uit te geven kan wat tegen spam gedaan worden, namelijk door de volgende tips op te volgen.

* Never follow the instructions for removing your address or unsubscribing from a spammer’s mailing list. In most cases this will not have the desired result; instead it is merely confirming the validity of your email address.

* Forward all spam to spamrecycle@chooseyourmail.com — this site offers a free service informing the Federal Trade Commission and Web filter developers of spammer’s addresses.

* Never enter a company email address in any Web site.

* Ensure that your mail servers are not open relays; if you do not know how, http://www.mail-abuse.org/tsi/ar-fix.html contains instructions for over sixty email systems.

* Utilise any spam prevention tools you may already possess, such as the junk-mail filter provided with Microsoft Outlook.

* Do not automatically assign Internet addresses to all users. Even if all employees require internal email, they do not necessarily need the ability to send/receive Internet mail.

* Require users to have written approval from their manager before they can receive an Internet address.

* Delete unused addresses from your domain as soon as possible and do not reuse them.

Lees hier het artikel.

Bron: ZDNet
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