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Skype-hype wordt vervolgd

Gepubliceerd op 28 september 2004 categorieën ,

ZDnet heeft een laaiend enthousiaste bespreking van Skype opgenomen. Iedereen die nog niet overtuigd is van de kwaliteiten van deze VoIP-dienst zou de recensie moeten lezen.

“I knew it was over when I downloaded Skype,” Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell said recently. “When inventors are distributing…a program to talk to anybody else, and the quality is fantastic, and it’s free, it’s over. The world will change now inevitably.”

Skype has turned heads for its unique blend of technology and rapid grassroots adoption. The company claims more than 22 million downloads since the software was first made available in August 2003. It is currently signing up about 60,000 new registered users every day–numbers that draw comparisons to free software downloads that swept the Internet during the late 1990s, such as the ICQ instant messaging service.

“Its growth rate is sky high,” said Tim Draper, managing director at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which has invested $9 million into the company. “I don’t think there’s been this speed of adoption since Hotmail. We are thrilled with what Skype’s been able to do. We think it’s a global phenomenon that will change communication for the better.”

Lees hier het artikel.

Bron: ZDnet News.com
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