Of Counsel

Rion Rijker is of-counsel at SOLV. With a specialization in Privacy, Information Security and IT Governance and Risk and Compliance (GRC), he can be best described as an IT-law Nerd. His knowledge enables him to advise organizations not only about (complex) IT-law matters but also regarding information security. As an IT lawyer he is driven, knowledgeable, pragmatic and creative. Rion was a high-level athlete competing in pencak silat and kickboxing. This taught him to excel under high pressure and how to stay clear minded in complex situations.

Rion is a highly sought-after public speaker because of his talent for making complex issues understandable. His presentations cover the organizational as well as the personal impact of privacy and information security.

Rion is CIPP/E and CIPM certified and has been admitted by the IAPP to the prestigious Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) program. The FIP title is reserved for professionals who have made an exceptional commitment to privacy. In addition, Rion has followed a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) course in New Delhi.