Nina Lodder specialises in privacy law.

Her work for both large and small clients focuses mainly on compliance issues concerning privacy and telecommunications. She is also a member of the SOLV Sport & Tech team, because of her affinity with sport and the Sport and Law course at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She advises on legislation for games of chance, gaming and athletes’ privacy.

Ask Nina about her distinguishing capacity in her service provision, the answer will be her pragmatic approach. She is clear and fast in communication. Practical and effective in the execution.

Together with namesake Arno Lodder, Nina wrote the concise explanation on the E-Commerce Directive. Nina is Data Protection Officer at various clients and has been seconded to clients in the education and government sector


2019: represents an IT platform in an appeal procedure on compliance and termination of an ICT contract

2019: advises on a reorganisation and the implementation of privacy aspects within the new organisation

2019: various seizures, as security for payment and execution of a judgment

2018: carried out complex Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) at a municipality

2018: carried out proceedings on the merits on contractual fines and executed interlocutory proceedings in the same case

2017: carried out an arbitration case regarding failed automation