van Dorp


Jacintha van Dorp is an enthusiastic and outstanding lawyer who gets to the bottom of information law issues. She has an eye for detail, a healthy dose of curiosity and a tremendous persistence.

Above all, Jacintha has a passion for privacy law, healthcare, ICT law and intellectual property law, areas of law in which she advises clients on a daily basis. Jacintha advises regularly on trans-border issues, where she can make good use of her language skills.

In addition to being an attorney, Jacintha is socially motivated: she has an eye for the person behind the problem. This enables her to place issues in a broader social perspective.

Jacintha is a member of the Dutch Association for Privacy Law and the Dutch Young Lawyers Bar Association.


2019: advises a large ICT service provider in the field of electronic data exchange in healthcare and privacy compliance

2019: advised on contracting for a large-scale marketing campaign for an energy company and retail chain

2019: advised in a dispute regarding a failed automation in a number of Dutch municipalities

2019: advises various online platforms, including on liability, consumer law and contractual relationships with business users